Herman Miller brand overview

Herman Miller have been making chairs for over 100 years now.

Introducing the Herman Miller brand

Herman Miller have been making chairs for over 100 years now. Their iconic products can constantly be seen in movies, music studios, startup offices and even museums.

Owning a Herman Miller is a statement and an investment. The build quality of Herman Miller products is excellent and the ergonomic properties of their chairs are impeccable.

On this page, I’ll look over some of their most notable products and discuss whether they’re worth the asking price.

The Apple of office chairs

People often call Herman Miller “the Apple of the office chair industry”. Many assume that the comparison has something to do with their high prices, but that’s a very simplistic assumption. They have much more in common.

For one, both companies have an almost cult-like following. Fortunately, as far as I know, Herman Miller doesn’t really have haters and blind fan boys. Their products don’t polarize people.

Why is that, you might ask? I think it’s because they’re not the only company making great office chairs. There are a few other brands that make great products, too.

Like Apple

  • Their prices are steep compared to some other brands out there.
  • They don’t do what other brands do. They lead the market with their innovations and other brands often imitate them.
  • Their products have excellent build quality.
  • Using their products is very intuitive.
  • They are instantly recognizable. Everybody recognizes a Herman Miller.
  • They keep their value. Even used and refurbished models have significant value on the market.

Not like Apple

  • They offer excellent warranty out of the box – not for a price premium.
  • They listen to their customers.
  • They are much better value.
  • You’ll likely keep them for life.

Does this mean that their office chairs are the best on the market? Probably not. There are tons of other chairs that are as good or better as Herman Miller. But, if I could only buy chairs from one company for the rest of my life, I’d definitely choose them.