About me

Like many people, before I worked my first job in a corporate office, the only chairs I had any experience with were the ones from the likes of IKEA.

When I was starting at my first corporate job, I was worried I’ll not be able to sit around in an office all day. Sitting behind a computer for hours has always been extremely boring for me – at least it was when I was supposed to do anything productive.

I think you know where I’m heading.

We had Steelcase chairs in the office and just like that, I started to enjoy sitting behind a desk doing work stuff. I remember the first day in office, I googled the office chair I was using on my phone and almost collapsed when I saw the price.

It wasn’t just that the chair was comfortable. In many ways, it wasn’t as comfortable as some other chairs I’ve used up to that point. It was the constant movement. The chair moved with me and I never sat still in it. Even when I was doing boring things, I wasn’t bored. I felt I was moving.

Since then, I’ve used many other chairs at many other offices. I fancied myself and expert at these chairs and liked to research them.

I liked researching them until the moment I quit my corporate job to start a freelancing career. That’s when I realized I desperately need to buy myself a chair like that.

It’s easy to shop for good chairs when you are Facebook, Google or Amazon, or if you are loaded – you just buy an Aeron. Not so much when you’re an average freelancer with no cash to spare.

There were other things I needed to buy to be able to work and as a result, I felt I had to compromise on the chair. That chair lasted me for a whole month before I invested in a good chair and never looked back.

Since then, I’ve been raving about sitting properly to everyone I know. I’ve recommended so many chairs and done so much research for friends and family, that I felt that at this point, it’d be easier to simply point them to a website.

And that’s how Chair Expert was born. It’s a work in progress, but family and friends have been supportive and I found an unexpected hobby.

If you’re shopping for a chair and would like me to cover anything in particular, click the Contact link in the header and let me know!